Test Bank (Complete Download) for Our Origin 5th edition by Clark Spencer Larsen ISBN 9780393428346, Instantly Downloadable Test Bank, Complete (ALL CHAPTERS) TestBank

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Test Bank for Our Origin 5th edition Larsen

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Test Bank for Our Origin 5th edition by Spencer Larsen

Test Bank for Our Origin 5th edition by Clark Spencer Larsen, ISBN 9780393428346

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Table Of Content

CHAPTER 1 What Is Biological Anthropology?

PART I The Present: Foundation for the Past

CHAPTER 2 Evolution: Constructing a Fundamental Scientific Theory

CHAPTER 3 Genetics: Reproducing Life and Producing Variation

CHAPTER 4 Genes and Their Evolution: Population Genetics

CHAPTER 5 Biology in the Present: Living People

CHAPTER 6 Biology in the Present: The Other Living Primates

CHAPTER 7 Primate Sociality, Social Behavior, and Culture

PART II The Past: Evidence for the Present

CHAPTER 8 Fossils and Their Place in Time and Nature

CHAPTER 9 Primate Origins and Evolution: The First 50 Million Years

CHAPTER 10 Early Hominin Origins and Evolution: The Roots of Humanity

CHAPTER 11 The Origins and Evolution of Early Homo

CHAPTER 12 The Origins, Evolution, and Dispersal of Modern People

CHAPTER 13 Our Last 10,000 Years: Agriculture, Population, and the Bioarchaeology of a Fundamental Transition

PART III The Future: The Shape of Things to Come

Chapter 14 Evolution: Today and Tomorrow